August 22, 2019

Articles and Reflections 
Jordan Ministry Team is dedicated to fulfilling Father Francis Jordan's vision that Salvatorians will use "all ways and means" to proclaim the love and kindness of the Divine Savior. From the beginning, Salvatorians have used the written word to make this vision a reality.
The links below represent a sampling of the articles and reflections that members of the Jordan Ministry Team have written for a variety of Catholic publications. We hope that our reflections will inspire your faith and ministry. 
"Now eternal life is this, to know you, the only true God,
and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." - John 17:3

+ July 14, 2019: "On Serving 'Becuase We Are Catholic, Not Because They Are'" (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ April 21, 2019: "From Fearing the Worst to Discovering Light" (Easter Sunday - Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ February 23, 2019: "What Are the Most Radical Words in the Gospel?" (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ February 2, 2019: "Saint Cornelius: The Light of Grace" (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ December 25, 2018: Christmas 2018 "Sing a New Song to the Lord!" (Peggy Guerrero) 
+ December 16, 2018: The Third Sunday of Advent: "Repentance and Joy; Friends Not Enemies" (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ December 13, 2018: Reflection on Saint Odilia of Alsace (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS)  
+ Nov. 18, 2018: This Is Why We Shouldn't Dread the Future (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ Nov. 15, 2019: Hospitality: A Virtue (Sr. Jane Eschweiller, SDS) 
+ Nov. 1, 2018: Why I Love All Saints Day (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ Oct 17, 2018: Celebrating Seven New Saints (Sr. Jane Eschweiller, SDS) 
+ Oct 16, 2018: Reflection for the Commemoration of St. Margaret Mary Alocoque (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ Oct 14, 2018: Downsizing our Souls: What's the "Stuff" That Keeps Us From Real Life (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ Sept 29, 2018: When "Us" vs "Them" Poisoned Us the Way It Poisoned the Apostles (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS)
+ Sept 1, 2018: Where are the Rules Leading Us (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ July 25, 2018: What We Know About St. Christopher Is Everything We Need to Know (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ July 7, 2018: Do You Know Jesus Too Well? (Bro. Silas Henderson, SDS) 
+ August 2016: Seeing, Hearing, Remembering (Peggy Guerrero)  
+ June 2016: Nothing Ordinary About This Time (Fr. Jeff Wocken, SDS)